Terms and Conditions

Gujer Innotec AG

The prices valid at the time of delivery of the ordered goods according to the official price lists of Gujer Landmaschinen AG, 8308 Illnau-Mesikon shall apply.

Payments received after the agreed payment deadlines are subject to interest on arrears.


12 months from the date of delivery in accordance with the warranty conditions of the supplying factory.

Retention of title:

Title to the object of purchase shall remain with the vendor until the purchase price and any interest on arrears have been paid in full. The buyer authorises the seller to register the retention of title in accordance with Art. 715 Para. 1 ZGB and the buyer undertakes to bear the corresponding costs. The retention of title shall also remain in force for all subsequent claims, e.g. claims arising from repairs, spare parts and accessory deliveries.

Default of the buyer:

If the buyer defaults on payment of the purchase price, the seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract and reclaim the object of purchase in accordance with Art. 214 para. 3 CO. If the buyer defaults on acceptance of the object of purchase and the seller subsequently withdraws from the contract, a contractual penalty of 15% of the purchase price shall be owed.

Delivery period and consequences of delays:

The agreed delivery period is subject to unforeseen obstacles. In particular, the delivery period shall be extended appropriately if force majeure, transport delays, production delays at the supplier, strikes, official import restrictions cause significant obstacles to compliance with the delivery period. The supplier shall not be liable for any damage caused by a delay in delivery. A delay in delivery does not give the purchaser the right to refuse acceptance of the ordered goods.

Method of payment:

As agreed with the company Gujer Landmaschinen AG.

Transport is at the risk of the recipient.

Machines and additional equipment are delivered with normal freight, in agreement with Gujer Landmaschinen AG. However, the freight costs shall be borne by the buyer. Before accepting the consignment at the place of arrival, the consignee must ensure that all parts are present according to the consignment note and that the goods are undamaged. Any defects must be certified on the consignment note with the signature of the deliverer so that the transport company can be held accountable.

Defects must be reported in writing within 8 working days of receipt of the goods or discovery of the defects.

Return / exchange:

The customer undertakes to return the item to us in a fully functional condition and in perfect working order. In the event of damage or suspected defects, we reserve the right to adjust the return price according to the item or to cancel the trade-in.


Orders accepted by sellers of Gujer Landmaschinen AG can be rejected by them within 8 days of conclusion of the contract.

Place of jurisdiction:

Illnau-Effretikon is recognised by both parties as the place of jurisdiction.