Compost turner TG 233 teaser

Compost turner TG 233

3-point turning machines
Working width: 2.5 meters
Compost turner TG 233 machine

Your advantage

A great advantage of this machine is its compact length (< 2m). The total weight is reduced to less than 2.5 t. (TG 301). The 3-point beam fits both tunnel models 2.5m & 3m.

Prerequisite for the tractor

  • 3-point TG 231 is suitable for tractors from 75 hp.
  • 3-point TG 301 is suitable for tractors from 125 hp.


Since soil nutrition cannot be produced without water, there are several options. Ask for the most ideal solution. We will be happy to advise you.

Compost Turners

Technical data TG 233

  • Conversion capacity up to 400 m³/h
  • Transfer shaft width 2.5 m
  • Total width in transport position 1.85 m
  • Total width in working position 4.05 m
  • Total length 3.0 m
  • Tunnel height inside dimension 1.35 m
  • Total height (transport position) 3.55 m
  • Working speed, ideal at full throttle 300 - 400 m/h
  • Weight with wide tires (incl. concrete weight) 1'950 kg
  • Rent width x height 2.5 x 1.2 m
  • Only top hitching possible

Basic equipment TG 233

  • mech. execution
  • Tunnel with chrome steel plates
  • direct drive on transfer shaft
  • Large support wheel outside the tunnel
  • Feeding shields mechanical
  • Braked axle with parking brake
  • Wide tires 11.5-15
  • Direct drive. Gearbox on transfer shaft.
  • Lighting system
  • Front hitch: DIN towing eye
  • Rear weight
  • Side weight
  • Articulated drawbar with spindle
  • cardan shaft with shear bolt

Requirements for the tractor

  • For tractors with total width up to 2.1 m
  • For tractors with min. 35 to max. 80 HP
  • For tractors with a super creeper gear with a working speed at full throttle of 300 - 400 m/h at 540 rpm on the PTO shaft
  • Working pressure of the tractor must reach min. 190 - 200 bar


  • Hydraulic feed blade on the right (via control valve tractor)
  • Irrigation connection with manifold nozzles
  • Irrigation system hydraulically driven incl. water pump, spray bar with nozzles (via control valve tractor)
  • Articulated drawbar with shut-off valve for optimum ground hugging (via tractor control valve)
  • Side offset (via control valve tractor) Due to the inclined position of the tunnel, the windrow does not wander into the land, resp. on squares, the windrow can always be moved easily.
  • Fleece guides front and rear
  • Towing device on low drawbar
  • Floating position (for tractors that do not have one)
  • Tow ball Scharmüller K80 or Piton

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